Waiting for a Table: Sushi Part 2

OK, I am a hypocrite. This week I am writing about a sushi restaurant called Kura that is going to slowly climb the charts in the race to the best sushi in LA. It goes completely against my Kiwami lunch special article, but that will come later, the other reason I’m a hypocrite, is that although it is great to drive for food, which I do A LOT, it is also critical to find spots in your neighborhood. We are fortunate to live in an actual neighborhood in LA where we can walk, scooter, bike ride to a ton of restaurants. We don’t, but we could. First of all if we leave the house to go 3 blocks we drive a car it is really sad, but true. Second of all we just sorta drive by our neighborhood spots and go to what we know. That being said Kura is literally walking distance from our house, yet after 13 years of living at our house we hadn’t gone. We went to NazowaSasabuneMatsuhisaAsanebo, etc and they were great. Why would we go to Kura? It is in a strip mall next to McDonald’s, it wasn’t on any of the best Sushi lists and they serve California Rolls. Wow, we made a mistake. This place is a gem (see below). Long story short, take a walk, or a Bird scooter, or a short drive and try some places near your house, neighborhood spots are great and we should all have more of them. Plus if you don’t go to them, if they close, you can’t complain that they are no longer an option.