Kura Sushi

NAME: Kura
ADDRESS: 8162 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood
FANS: Michael Voltaggio, Eater, Time Out, Jordan Okun
REVIEW: Eater Review
WEBSITE: http://www.kura-sushi.com/contact/
WHAT TO ORDER: Omakase. Don’t mess around let Daniel do the ordering.

NOTES: There are so many special items Daniel Son serves, it is hard to pick the best. Some people like Matthew Kang at Eater really single out his Uni. I know that isn’t for everyone, but it is special. Daniel Son’s parents opened Kura years ago and although that is where his first job was as a kid, he went on to work at SpagoNoma and Ryugin. When he was finally ready to come back and take over the reins, the place began to transform into one of LA’s hidden gems. Not so dissimilar to Kris Yenbamroong at Night + Market, Daniel is now behind the bar every night turning out one delicious dish after another.

Since Omakase is literally a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it up to you” I don’t even want to recommend anything. That being said, last week I had this butter fish with Truffle Aioli and caviar that might have been one of the greatest things I have ever eaten. If you just looked at the menu, you might think it is a fast food, Americanized Sushi spot, this is not a place you need to be scared to order rice or a california roll. I’m not joking when I say on the current menu they have rolls ranging from Dragon to Volcano Roll to Cajun Tuna to Shakira Roll to even something called the Heart Attack (cream cheese and jalapeños, wrapped with Tuna and deep fried, don’t ask). That being said Daniel Son is slowly cutting all of that from the menu, lightly so, but these changes take time, so if you want to try the Heart Attack roll you better hurry. Daniel Son has also added a Katsu Sando to his repertoire that he started as a pop up on Sunday night’s and has now moved to Smorgasburg. So you need to either go there or call and order 1 week in advance and he will have it at the restaurant for you. This is not to be missed. One final note that is just fascinating, Daniel, like the Parks from Sushi Park, is also Korean. Not sure what it is but the Koreans are taking over the sushi world. Since Kura just entered the Eater 38 for the first time, call and make reservations in advance, run don’t walk to Kura!