Jinya Ramen Bar

NAME: Jinya Ramen Bar
LOCATION: Multiple Locations
CREW: Eater, JG, Alex Tse, Anthony Jacobson
WEBSITE: https://jinya-ramenbar.com
CFK RATING: 4/5 Dumplings
INSIDER’S TIPS: Ramen Jinya has the same quality of Ramen as Jinya Ramen Bar, so don’t be confused, they just also have a wider menu.
WHAT TO ORDER: Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen Hot is my standard order with thin Noodles, but everything is really good. It can get a bit spicy so watch out. The Gyoza are really great and under appreciated.  Make sure to add an egg no matter what you get. They have Vegan Ramen. They also have a Chicken Wonton Ramen which is a nice change for those wanting something less authentic but very tasty.

NOTES: There is so much great Ramen in LA right now and I feel like Jinya Ramen Bar gets an unfair rap. I will agree that it isn’t as good as TsujitaSantouka and a handful of other famous Ramen spots. It is better than Tatsu, which is worthy to add to a ramen list only because of their fun iPad ordering style and the Ramen Burger (which is nowhere near as good as the original, but good enough to try). However even when it comes to Afuri Ramen in Tokyo, my general philosophy is if you put the ten best of anything in the world next to each other in a blind taste test I would be shocked if anyone but the 1% of specialists of that cuisine could pick which restaurant was which. Bottom line, Jinya Ramen Bar is a great place to satiate your Ramen craving. Casual, fun, tasty, cheap, a great ramen meal. For better or worse they have also really expanded and are now located everywhere from Burbank to Houston.